WCYC History

West Channel Yacht Club's history spans a period of over 4 decades.

This is an abbreviated overview of those years.

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West Channel Yacht Club was established in 1972. The 40 founding members envisioned an idea to acquire property on the West Bank of the Chagrin River in Eastlake, Ohio. After negotiating a Land Contract on the property, they worked many hours to change the complexion of the vacant property to dockage facilities.

In 1973, a building fund was established by selling notes. Additional funds were gotten through reverse raffle and selling advertising in the first ever, WCYC Yearbook. By 1976, the club was flourishing, and the Main Room of The Club House was erected. In 1977, we secured a second mortgage and purchased the club property, titling it West Channel Yacht Club, Inc. An 800 Foot Long Bulkhead was also installed at the riverfront of the property. This project was completed in 1978.

The next 40 years saw many improvements:

  • In 1980, a travel lift was purchased and a launch pit built, allowing the ability to put boats in and out of the water at the club property.
  • The next decade saw numerous improvements both to the clubhouse, grounds and dockside.
  • In 1989, though, we encountered two of the worst back to back floods in club history.
  • In 1993, one of our largest project projects in the clubs history began. Our river bulkhead was failing and needed to be replaced. The task of securing financing for this major project became a reality in 1994.
  • In fall of 1994, work began on replacement of the bulkhead with a new steel bulkhead. The new bulkhead was several feet higher and alleviated most of our flooding issues of years past. In addition, this project included all new quality floating docks, new lighted stanchions at dockside with water and electric.
  • In 1998, we added a large brick BBQ behind the clubhouse
  • In 1999, the front deck of the clubhouse was re-built.
  • In 2002, the kitchen of the clubhouse was remodeled.
  • In 2006, we secured financing to make several major improvements to the club. Completed by 2007 were a new roof on the clubhouse including new gutters and a beautiful new heated in ground pool complex.
  • In 2008, the final stage of the project, our boat launch pit was completely replaced.
  • In 2017-18, we again did major renovations including new furnaces and adding air conditioning to our entire building, complete renovation of baths and showers, renovation of our Pavilion and renovations to the main room of clubhouse & more.

The History of West Channel Club is surrounded by dedicated, hardworking, and determined members who have always, and continue to have, a desire to make our club shine.

In honor of the club's 50th anniversary, Gary DiLillo wrote a letter to Commodore Larry outlining how the club began. His stories are from his father, Rocco DiLillo. (DiLillo letter)

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